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Periwinkles Glass Art

Ghost Kodama set

Ghost Kodama set

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Let these adorable little Kodama Ghostie's watch over your home just like they watch over the forests!

Mashing up a ghost and a cute little Kodama was a no brainer for me and I'm so glad I did, they're just perfection.

The larger Kodama is made with an incredibly beautiful iridescent mottled glass while the smaller Kodama is made with an iridescent clear/white wispy glass. Both give off incfredible refractions and the iridescent coating bounces off beautiful reflections!

The smaller Kodama Ghost has wire detailing and both have painted facial features using paints specific for glass application

These are available as a preorder as well and can be sold individually or as a set slighty discounted.

The Kodama Ghosties are hung using black hemp cord.
The larger Kodama measures 10cm x 5cm and the smaller measures 9cm x 7cm not including their cord.

hangs on a black jack chain and measures 15cm

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