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Periwinkles Glass Art

Vampire Calcifer

Vampire Calcifer

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This little guy makes the PERFECT vampire and makes being a vile creature with blood lusted eyes look adorable.

 Just like my other Calcifer designs this one is made with mostly transparent glass (minus the two black pieces for his collar) giving you the most INCREDIBLE refractions when he's soaked in sunshine.

He has painted eyes and features an iridescent drop of blood falling from his right fang. The glass used for his bow tie is a discontinued purple gold glass - yes its made with real gold! the date stamped was 1997 :)

The bow tie also features some decorative soldering techniques and wire detailing to add depth to the piece.

Unlike other vampires this Calcifer does his best in the sun, shining like diamonds just like Edward Cullen.

 Calcifer hangs on a black jack chain and measures 19cm x 19cm not including the chain

 All suncatchers are designed and handmade in Auckland, New Zealand using the copper foil/Tiffany method of stained glass.

 All pieces are original Periwinkles Glass Art designs and subject to copyright 2023

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